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Steel coil material difference - q235 and spcc

SPCC equivalent Steel Grade Q195-Q215 SPCC - indicates that cold-rolled carbon steel sheets and steel strips are generally used, which is equivalent to Chinas Q195-235A grade. The third letter C is an abbreviation for Cold Rolled. To ensure...

Overview of prepainted steel sheet and coil

Basic Definition of Color Coated Steel Coil Color-coated steel sheets (commonly known as prepainted steel sheet) are galvanized steel sheets (hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized), which are subjected to surface pretreatment (degreasing a...

How to select prepainted steel coil and coating

4 Tips for Choosing Prepainted Steel Coil There are several aspects to consider when choosing the right prepainted steel coil for architecture, Steel material-steel sheet requirements of buildings (roof and siding) can be divided into: Safe...

Impact of stock time on steel coil quality

Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steel Coil and Steel Plate In the trade, processing, procurement, pledge of the steel industry chain, there are often some materials with long inventory time, buyers shall be careful of the steel property change throu...

Comparsion of astm a106 grade b and grade c

Comparsion of Astm A106 Grade B and Grade C Steel Pipes Astm a106 steel pipe is made from steel and is used in things such as fences, oil lines, water treatment facilities and bridges. It is very durable and long lasting. Inside the home, i...

Various oil and gas line pipes for corrosive environment

Steel Grade Selection for Corrosive Environment of Oil and Gas Line Pipes Most of the oil and gas resources contain H2S or / and CO2. Among them, some oil and gas wells contain only H2S or only CO2, while more oil and gas wells contain both...

Oil and gas casing and tubing tubes overview

Oil and Gas Well Tubes Products The casing and tubing steel grades in the API 5CT standard include: Group 1(low and medium strength oil casing): H40, J55, K55, N80-1, N80-Q, R95 Group 2 (limit yield strength, suitable for sulfur-resistant h...

High strength low alloy steel types introduction

HSLA(high strength low alloy) steel is mostly classified as carbon steel, only small amount of ally elements are added to make steel strength higher. The difference between pure carbon steel and low alloy carbon steel is that low alloy make...

Overview of octg pipe development in China

Chinas oil and gas well (octg) pipe development process Chinas oil and gas well pipe production has a history of more than 60 years. Since the establishment of the new China, the first seamless oil pipe was produced by Angang in 1954, the d...

Is there a limit to hot dip galvanized steel sheet application

The hot-dip-galvanized steel sheet is a pre-plated steel sheet obtained by hot-plating a layer of Al-Zn on both sides of a cold-rolled steel sheet of various strengths and thicknesses. It combines the physical protection and high durability...

What is pipeline steel plate and coil

What is pipeline steel coil(steel plate) As we know octg pipes (line pipe or casing and tubingpipes)have two different manufacturing methods, seamless and welded. So pipeline steel plate is dessigned to be processed intowelded line pipes, i...

Checkered steel plate application and types

Checkered steel plate Application and Types from AGICO In our daily life, we often see steel plates with concave and convex patterns on the surface,this type of steel plate is called checkered steel plate. They have many advantages such as...

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