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How to produce stanless checkered plate

What is Stainless Checkered Plate Stainless steel checkered plate refers to stainless steel plate with convex or concave pattern on the surface. Its main application is to use it in decorative elevator car, all kinds of cabin, architectural...

Tube billets for precision and cold drawn seamless steel pipe

Finished or Hot Rolled, Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe Use Pipe Billet: Structural seamless steel pipe Billet.Including low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel billet, steel grades are ASTM A53, ASTM A36, ASTM A106,...

Seamless steel pipe - continuous casting round billet

Various Seamless Steel Pipe Production Methods: According to different production methods, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot rolled pipe, cold rolled pipe, cold drawn pipe and extruded pipe. Hot-rolled seamless pipes are generally...

Largest stainless steel ring manufactured in china

On March 12th, using the metal construction forming technology developed by the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the worlds largest non-welded monolithic stainless steel ring forgings were rolled successfully....

How to remove rust on galvanized steel sheet

Why is Gavanized Steel Sheet so Popular Galvanizing of steel sheet is done by a process called continuous hot-dip, in which steel sheet is sank into a bath of molten zinc. The liquid zinc helps steel sheet to form a protective layer on stee...

What caused cross breaking on steel coil

Cross Breaking Case of Customer W Enterprise is a company that makes equipment parts. Its products are mainly exported to Europe, and its appearance requires high quality. Recently, the component shell production line has appeared in batche...

New standard bridge steel plate from Anson Steel

New Standard Bridge Steel Plate Order The 4300 tons of new standard bridge steel plates undertaken by ANSON STEEL have been sent to downstream user manufacturers. After a period of use, users feed back are good performance and excellent per...

Galvanized steel and cold rolled steel differences

All steel plate and pipe products contains 2 basic elements- carbon and iron, there might be some composition differences and various manufacture process. As for galvanized steel coil and cold rolled steel coil, they are similar steel produ...

Why use abrasion resistant steel plate

The old drivers have seen the car ruts to rough and hard stones, walls, poles, etc. Paint off is no big deal, what matters is that steel plates are worn. However, the dump truck pulled hundreds of tons of stones and slammed it out. The cars...

Performance indicators for hot rolled heavy plate - 2

Vickers hardness The ability of the metal material to resist external force deformation adopts the load on the concave area of ​​the unit indentation as the hardness value. Summary of detection methods Using a Vickers hardness tester, t...

Main performance indicators for hot rolled heavy plate

Yield Strength When the metallic material exhibits a yielding phenomenon, a stress point at which plastic deformation occurs without increasing the force is reached during the test. The upper yield strength and the lower yield strength need...

Price Trend of Construction Steel - Steel Coils

Construction steel: Todays construction steel prices stopped falling and rebounded. The average price of rebar in major cities was 3,919 RMB/ton, up 6 RMB/ton from the previous trading day. Recently, East China Steel Plant has successively...

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