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Performance indicators for hot rolled heavy plate - 2

Vickers hardness The ability of the metal material to resist external force deformation adopts the load on the concave area of ​​the unit indentation as the hardness value. Summary of detection methods Using a Vickers hardness tester, t...

Main performance indicators for hot rolled heavy plate

Yield Strength When the metallic material exhibits a yielding phenomenon, a stress point at which plastic deformation occurs without increasing the force is reached during the test. The upper yield strength and the lower yield strength need...

Price Trend of Construction Steel - Steel Coils

Construction steel: Todays construction steel prices stopped falling and rebounded. The average price of rebar in major cities was 3,919 RMB/ton, up 6 RMB/ton from the previous trading day. Recently, East China Steel Plant has successively...

Shipbuilding plate LR-A delivered to Canada

Shipbuilding Plate Delivered to Canada The Canada Customer dealing at the larger scale are using LR-A shipbuilding plate for various applications because of its outstanding quality. The shipbuilding plates LR/A thicknesses are 6mm, 8mm,10mm...

Offshore engineering steel Mechanical Performance

Performance requirements for offshore engineering steel As the offshore platform is immersed in seawater all the year, it has to withstand all kinds of serious sea conditions. Therefore, the technical indexes of steel for offshore platforms...

Development trend of offshore engineering steel

As China continues to increase its marine development, the demand for high-performance offshore platform steel will continue to increase, and offshore octg steel will also become a key product for domestic steel companies to develop and pro...

Chemical composition requirements for offshore steel

Buy Offshore and Shipbuilding Steel Plate from AGICO Angangs steel grade covers the large-strength energy welding ship and the marine oil platform steel series of ordinary strength A, B, D, E and high strength AH32~EH32, AH36~EH36, AH40~...

Cold rolled wear resistant plate pickling

Cold Rolled Wear Resistant Steel Production Equipment When the output of cold-rolled wear-resistant plates is more than 1 million tons/year, modern cold-rolling units with large-scale, continuous, automatic and high-speed characteristics sh...

Steel Plate fabrication - laser cutting technology

Laser cutting basics When focused laser beam is directed onto the steel plate, the illuminated area will heat up sharply to melt or vaporize the material. Once laser beam penetrates the steel plate, the cutting process begins: the laser bea...

Cutting of wear resistant steel plate nm400

NM400 Steel Plate Property Analyze: NM400 wear-resistant steel plate is a kind of heat-treated steel plate. Like most wear-resistant steel plates on the market, it is heated to a certain temperature. When the temperature is above 300 degree...

Difference between cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing

What is Cold Galvanizing and Hot Galvanizing Cold galvanizing is also called electro-galvanizing. It is an electrolytic device that removes oil and pickles into a solution containing zinc salt and connects it to the negative electrode of th...

High strength gas cylinder steel plate product

High Strength Steel Coil Production Line In the first half of 2018 year, the 1580 production line vigorously developed the high-strength steel market, and promoted product structure upgrades with user structure adjustment. Since entering th...

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