Perforated metal sheet

Perforated Metal Sheet

Perforated metal is also named as perforated sheet, perforated plate, punched plate, perforated screen and is sheet metal that typically has been mechanically stamped or punched using specialized tooling in high speed punching machinery, to create a pattern of holes, squares, slots or decorative shapes. Materials are usually available in stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized, aluminum, brass and copper.

Product Detail

  • Various materialsmild steel, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, copper etc.
  • Thickness: 0.2-20mm
  • Aperture: 0.5-200mm
  • Size: 1200x2400mm or cut to size according to customer's demands.
  • Surface treatment: mill finish, galvanized. 


  • Filtration: acoustical enclosures and lighting fixtures.
  • Architecture: home appliances, electronic enclosures, farm equipments, pharmaceutical and store displays & fixtures
  • Speaker grilles
  • Grain dryers

Perforated Metal Sheet Common Shapes


Perforated Metal Sheet Round Pattern Design

Straight Round Perforated SheetStraight Round
Perforated Sheet Round 45-DEGREERound 45-DEGREE

Perforated Metal Sheet Slotted  Pattern Design

Slot End StaggedSlot End Stagged
Slot Side StaggedSlot Side Stagged
Slot StraightSlot Straight
Slotted PatternSlotted Pattern

Perforated Metal Sheet Square Pattern Design

Square PatternSquare Pattern
Square Staggedquare Stagged
Square StraightSquare Straight

Common Perforated Metal Sheet Specification

NO. Mesh reference 1 Material Surface treatment Thickness Hole Type Hole Size Hole Pitch Weight
1 HJC-0569 Aluminum Mill finish 1.5mm round 60° 5.0mm 6.9mm 2.13 KG/m2
2 HJC-0378 Aluminum Powder coating 3mm round 600 7.8mm 11.3mm 4.62 KG/m2
3 HJC-1015 Aluminum Painting 2mm round 90° 10mm 15mm 3.52 KG/m2
4 HJC-1016 Aluminum Painting 2mm round 90° 10mm 16mm 3.50 KG/m2
5 HJC-2030 Aluminum PVDF 3mm round 600 20mm 30mm 4.85 KG/m2
6 HJC-2560 Aluminum PVDF 2.5mm round 600 30mm 60mm 5.28 KG/m2
7 HJC-2530 Aluminum Powder coating 2.5mm triangle 30mm 12mm 5.08 KG/m2
8 HJC-0887 Iron Mill finish 1mm hexagonal 8.0mm 8.7mm 0.69 KG/m2
9 HJC-256065 Aluminum Powder coating 1.5mm hexagonal 25mm x 60mm 16mm 4.5 KG/m2
10 HJC-2020 Aluminum Powder coating 2.5mm rectangular 20mm x 20mm 60mm 6.04 KG/m2
11 HJC-2545 Aluminum Powder coating 2.5mm diamond 30mm x 45mm 12mm 4.56 KG/m2
12 HJC-1515 Aluminum Powder coating 2mm square 60° 15mm x 15mm 25mm 3.36 KG/m2
13 HJC-0225 Aluminum Painting 2mm square 90° 15mm x 15mm 25mm 3.47 KG/m2
14 HJC-2009 Aluminum Powder coating 2mm slotted 20mm x 10mm 9mm 3.54 KG/m2
15 HJC-2552 Aluminum Powder coating 2.5mm slotted 40mm x 20mm 52mm 4.75 KG/m2
16 HJC-5012 Aluminum PVDF 3mm slotted 50mm x 12mm 12mm 5.45 KG/m2
17 HJC-0103 SS 304 Mill finish 1mm round 3.0mm   5.33 KG/m2
18 HJC-0603 SS 304 Mill finish 1mm round 6.0mm; 3.0mm   4.78 KG/m2

Perforated Metal Sheet Application

Perforated metal are widely used in industry and architectural area. For industry use, it is most commonly as screens, filters, shields and guards; for architectural use, it could be used both in interiors and exteriors, for both performance and aesthetic.

Decoration Purpose

Perforated Metal Sheet For Decoration

Industrial Purpose

Perforated Metal Sheet for Industrial Application
Vents Screens Guards
Decorative Grills Diffusers
Filters Strainers Artware

Features of Perforated Metal Sheet:

  • Light weight
  • Customizable
  • Decorative
  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • large open area

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