Advantages of hot rolling line in steel mills

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Hot Rolled Steel Pipe Production Line

The main features of Hot Rolling Line are:

  1. The whole rolling production line is built on a platform with a height of 6m, and heat treatment line is also 3.2m higher than the ground. The practice of raising production line provides convenience for maintenance and other operations close to the rolling mill. The round billet heating furnace is a rotary hearth furnace with an average diameter of Φ30 m. The puncher features a tapered cross roller with a protective cover. A rotating disk is provided at the exit end of the punching machine, and the blank from the punching machine is led to rotating disk.
  2. The hot rolling mill is a Danieli FQM type moving mandrel continuous rolling steel pipe unit, which is a 5-stand 3-roll mill, and the cylindrical mandrel moves at a constant control speed throughout the rolling process. At the FQM rolling exit end, a 3-roller stripper is provided. The maximum diameter of rolled steel pipe is 16 in (aboutΦ406.4 mm). The heating and normalizing of steel pipe are carried out in a step furnace. The final sizing rolling is carried out on steel pipe by a 10-stand three-roll sizing unit. The cooling of the steel pipe is carried out on a walking beam type cold bed. The maximum productivity depends on the size and steel grade, about 120 tons / hour. The production line has an annual output of 400,000 tons of steel pipes.
  3. The exit side of the punching machine of the hot rolling line is equipped with a laser and ultrasonic measuring system, which can be used to control the wall thickness and diameter of the steel pipe.

The main features of finishing area are:

  1. The market in the Middle East and North Africa mainly needs OCTG pipes and pipelines. Therefore, ANSON's goal is to meet API requirements and the specific requirements of oil companies in the region to meet quality requirements by inspecting and trimming steel pipe defects. Non-destructive testing includes electromagnetic testing and ultrasonic testing.
  2. With a capacity of 200,000 t/h heat treatment unit, ANSON is able to obtain high-strength steel and corrosion-resistant steel tubes for use in acidic environments. All products meet the requirements of API 5CT and API 5L specifications. The steel pipe is finished on 2 dedicated production lines, including wire machines, coating units and special controls for pipe thread connections. One of them is dedicated to the production of high quality connecting pipes.
  3. The control system uses Danieli's 3-level control system.

Hot Rolling Steel Production Line

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