Steel structural bolt

Large Hex Bolt and Torsion Shear bolt

Structural Steel Bolt Introduction

  • Bolt Type: Large Szie Hex Bolt, Torsion Shear Bolt
  • Standard: GB1228/GB3632
  • Strength Grade: 10.9S, 12.9S
  • Surface Treatment: quench, hot-dip galvanizing, DACROMET
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Steel Structural Bolt can be classified into large size hex bolt and torsion shear bolt, it is mainly used in the connection point of steel structure projects.

Large Hex Head Bolt

GB/T 1228 Hex Head Bolt Drawing

The hexagonal head of large hexagon bolt is different from general hexagon bolt. For hexagonal head size is larger than that of the ordinary hexagon head bolt product, it is also called steel Structural large hexagon bolt. Steel structure large hexagonal bolt is mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, railway bridges, highway bridges, pipeline bridges, tower mast structures, boiler frames, boiler steel structures, large-span industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, various towers, light Construction of steel structures, hoisting machinery and other steel-connected buildings.

Large Hex Head Bolt Nut Washer

When the steel structure large hexagon bolt is assembled, the chamfered side of the washer under the bolt head should face the bolt head; the steel structure large hexagon bolt connection pair needs to be constructed using a torque wrench, which requires a large operating space and needs to be divided into initial screwing and final screwing, and the construction is a bit more troublesome than the torsional shear bolts; the quality inspection also requires torque inspection, which requires professional equipment and quality inspection personnel.

Torsion Shear Bolt

Torsion Shear Bolt for Steel Structural

High-strength Steel structure bolts are divided into torsional shear type bolts and large hexagonal bolts. The steel structure torsion shear bolt is a kind of high-strength bolt, and it is also a kind of standard parts. Large hexagonal steel structural bolts consist of one bolt, one nut, and two washers. Torsional shear steel structural bolts consist of a bolt, a nut, and a washer. In general steel structure, the required steel structure bolts are above grade 8.8, as well as grade 10.9 and 12.9, all of which are high-strength steel structure bolts.

GB/T 3635 Torsion Shear Bolt Drawing
Torsion Shear Bolt Drawing

The length of the torsion shear type high-strength bolt is the length from the bearing surface under the screw head to the incision of the screw tail. The torsion shear type high-strength bolt has a torx head at the end of the screw. Tighten the nut with a special wrench during construction, and the torque shear bolt will reach standard torque when the torx head is broken. They are all friction type high-strength bolts and can be replaced, but using torsion-shear type high-strength bolts do not require calculating the torque, and the torque is easy to guarantee, which can avoid the phenomenon that the final torque is not enough due to calculation errors or using ordinary wrenches instead of torque wrenches.

Large Size Hex Bolt Dimension:

d M12 M16 M20 M22 M24 M27 M30
S 21 27 34 36 41 46 50
K 7.5 10 12.5 14 15 17 18.7
L 35-75 45-130 50-160 55-220 60-240 65-260 70-260

Torsion Shear Bolt Dimension:

d M16 M20 M22 M24
dK 30 37 41 44
K 10 13 14 15
KH 17 19 21 23
L 40-120 45~140 50-160 55-180

Structural Bolt Tensile Load

 Strength Level M12 M16 M20 M22 M24 M27 M30 Hardness
8.8S 70-86.8 130-162 203-252 251~312 293-364 381-473 466-518 HRC24-HRC31
10.9S 87.7-104.5 163-195 255~304 315-376 367-438 477~569 583~696 HRC33-HFC39

Nut Dimension:

GB/T1229 Nut Drawing
d M12 M16 M20 M22 M24 M27 M30
s 21 27 34 36 41 46 50
M 12.3 17.1 20.7 23.6 24.2 27.6 30.7
E 22.8 29.6 37.3 39.6 45.2 50.9 55.4

Washer dimension

GB/T 1230 Washer Drawing
d M12 M16 M22 M24 M27 M30
d1 13 17 23 25 28 31
d2 25 33 42 47 52 56
s 3 4 5 5 5 5

High Strength Bolt Assembly Axial Force

d M16 M20 M22 M24 M27 M30
8.8S KN 75 120 150 170 225 275
10.9S KN 110 170 210 250 320 390

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