Weathering Steel Plate

Weathering Steel Coil Corten B
  • Steel standard: ASTM A606M, ASTM A871M, ASTM A709M, ASTM A242M, ASTM A588M, JIS G3125, JIS G3114 ,EN 10025
  • Delivery state: Annealed, Normalized and Tempered, Hot Rolled.
  • Surface treatment:Oiled, shot blasted, Rust-Stabilizing,no futher treatment.
  • Inspection:X-ray inspection,manual ultrasonic inspection,surface inspection,hydraulic testing, ultrasonic detection.
Steel standard Steel grade
ASTM A606M Type 4      
ASTM A871M Gr60 Gr65    
ASTM A709M HPS50W      
JIS G3125 SPA-H      
JIS G3114 SMA400 SMA490 SMA570  
EN 10025 S355      
GB/T 4171 Q235NH Q355NH Q460NH Q550NH

Product Description:

The applicable equivalent ASTM specifications for weathering steel are ASTM A588, ASTM A242, ASTM A606-4, ASTM A847 and ASTM A709-50W, other standards JIS G3125, JIS G3114, EN10025 and GB/T4171. AGICO-ANSON STEEL supplies various products including, steel sheet, steel coil, steel plate, steel flats, angles, channels.

Corten steel is invented and named by US steel as brand name of corrosion resistant steel product, it is now being produced by many other steel mills, ANSON STEEL can supply best corten steel product with guaranteed high quality.
Corten A and Corten B are 2 prevalent steel grades, corten steel has equivalent steel grades in ASTM steel grades: Corten A for ASTM A242 and Corten B for ASTM A588 Grade A. Steel product requirements for both corten A and B can meet ASTM A606 Type 4.

Weathering Steel Product Specifications and Dimension Range:

Weathering Steel Product Steel Grade Available Dimension Steel Standard
Steel Coil Heavy Plate
Weathering Steel Plate/Coil for Welding Q235NH 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000 GB/T 4171-2008 or according to technical protocol
Q295NH 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
Q355NH 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
Q460NH 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
Q550NH 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
High-performance Weathering Steel Plate/Coil Q295GNH 1.5-19*800-1600  
Q355GNH 1.5-19*800-1600  
(ASTM)Hot-rolled and Cold-rolled Steel Sheet and Strip A606M 1.2-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3250 ASTM A606M-2009 or according to technical protocol
(ASTM)Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plate A871M Gr60A871M Gr65 1.2-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3250 ASTM A871M-97 or according to technical protocol
(ASTM)Carbon Steel Plate and Low Alloy High Strength Structural Bridge Steel Plate A709M HPS50W 1.2-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3250 ASTM A709M-2007 or according to technical protocol
(ASTM)Low-Alloy High-Tensile Structural Steel Plate/Coil A242M GrAA242M GrBA242M GrCA242M GrD 1.2-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3250 ASTM A242M-03a or according to technical protocol
High Strength Low Alloy Structural Steel Plate/Coil(yield strength≥345MPa,thickness≤100) A588M GrAA588M GrBA588M GrCA588M GrK 1.2-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3250 ASTM A588M-01 or according to technical protocol
Weathering Steel For Railway Vehicle 09CuPCrNi-A/B 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-2500 TB-T1979-2003
Q400NQR1 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000 Freight Shipping[2003]387according to technical protocol
Q450NQR1 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
Q500NQR1 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
Q550NQR1 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
Weathering Steel For Container SPA-H 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-2500 JIS G3125 or according to technical protocol
SMA400AW/BW/CW 1.5-19*800-1601 6-50*1600-3000 JIS G 3114 or according to technical protocol
SMA400AP/BP/CP 1.5-19*800-1602 6-50*1600-3000
SMA490AW/BW/CW 2.0-19*800-1603 6-50*1600-3000
SMA490AP/BP/CP 2.0-19*800-1604 6-50*1600-3000
SMA570AW/BW/CW 2.0-19*800-1605 6-50*1600-3000
SMA570AP/BP/CP 2.0-19*800-1606 6-50*1600-3000
EN weathering structural steel S235J0W 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000 EN10025-5 or according to technical protocol
S235J2W 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
S355J0W 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
S355J2W 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
S355K2W 1.5-19*800-1600 6-50*1600-3000
S355J0WP 1.5-19*800-1600 8-50*1600-2500
S355J2WP 1.5-19*800-1600 8-50*1600-2500


Weathering Steel Equivalent Standard Table(ASTM, JIS, EN, ISO)

GB/T4171-2008 ISO 4952-2006 ISO5952-2005 EN10025-5:2004 JIS G3114-2004 JIS G3125-2004 A242M-04 A588M-05 A606M-04 A871M-03
Q235NH S235W HSA235W S235J0W,J2W SMA400AW,BW,CW          
Q355NH S355W HSA355W2 S355J0W,J2W,K2W SMA490AW,BW,CW     Grade K    
Q415NH S415W               60
Q460NH S460W     SMA570W,P         65
Q355GNH S355WP HSA355W1 S355J0WP,J2WP   SPA-H Type1      
Q310GNH               Type4  

Weathering Steel Coil-ASTM A709

ASTM A709 Steel Coil

Weathering Steel Plate  ASTM A 588

Hot Rolled ASTM A588 Steel Plate


  • ASTM A606M: High-strength, Low-Alloy, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled steel plate and strips cut in lengths or coils for structural and miscellaneous purposes.
  • ASTM A871M: High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel Plate With Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance.
  • ASTM A709M: High-strength Low Alloy Steel Structural Shapes, Plates and Bars, Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steel for Structural Plates intended for use in bridges.
  • ASTM A242M: Weathering Resistant High Strength Low Alloy Structural Steel Plate and Coil.
  • ASTM A588M: High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel, up to 50 ksi [345 MPa] Minimum Yield Point, with Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance.
  • JIS G3125 SPA-H: Hot Rolled Steel for Superior Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance Steel Plates, Sheets, Strips.
  • JIS G3114: Hot-Rolled Atmospheric Corrosion Resisting Steel for Welded Structure.
  • EN 10025: Hot Rolled Products of Structural Steels Refers to European Standards Which Specify Technical Delivery Conditions for Hot Rolled Products of Structural Steels.
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ASTM A106 Grade A/B Pipes, Tubes
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