Safety grating product

safety grating product

Introduction Of Safety Grating Product

Safety Grating also named safety tread, antiskid plate, antislip perforated metal, Usually it has four patterns: Grip strut, Traction tread, Perf-O shape, land ladder rungs. Anti-skid plate is punching through CNC machine, then formed by processing a special mold. It is regarded as derivative products of perforated sheet. The fine positioning, precise stamping make the anti skid perforated plate more professional application in each anti-skid areas. It is widely used in sewage treatment, power plant, snow stair step, anti-skid pedal, and many other anti-skid areas.

G90 Hot Sale Safety Grating Dimension:

Length Hot Sale Safety Grating Dimension Material
8' 7"wide x 3" deep x 12 gage G90
10-0" 9.5"wide x 3" deep x 12 gage
12'-0" 11.75"wide x 3" deep x 12 gage
14'-0" 18.75"wide x 3" deep x 12 gage

Safety Grating Product Advantages

  • Anti-skid, Anti-rust, Anti-Corrosion
  • Strong and durable, beautiful appearance
  • Environmental friendly
  • Shapes: Crocodile mouth type, circular protrusion type, tear bead type, bridge type hole

Anti-skid plate Specification

Material Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Aluminum, Galvanized Plate, Stainless Steel Panel etc.
Hole patterns crocodile mouth, round raised hole, tears shape etc.
Thickness generally 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Height 20mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, customized
Length 1m, 2m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.66m
Production technique punching, cutting, bending, welding
Application Anti-skid plate can be widely used in sewage treatment, power plant, snow,stair step, antiskid pedal, and many other anti-skid areas.

Safety Grating Product Types

Rail Elastic Clip Products

Safety Grating Types

  • Grip Strut:  Grip Strut is manufactured with unique diamond shaped openings and formed side channels. 
  • Perf-O Grip: Perf-O Grip is a one-piece metal plank grating manufactured from a single sheet with formed side channels. The perforated buttons provide a walking surface that is slip resistant in all directions. 
  • Heavy Duty Grip Strut: Heavy Duty Grip Strut is manufactured with a stronger gauge metal and a larger, serrated, diamond matrix opening when compared to standard Grip Strut.  
  • Walkway Channels: Walkway channels are available with Grip Strut, Perf-O Grip, and Heavy Duty Grip Strut walking surfaces.
  • Safety Grating Stair Treads: Safety grating stair treads are fabricated-to-size and available in all our safety grating walking surfaces.
  • Safety Grating Ladder Rungs: Safety Grating Ladder Rungs are available with Traction Tread™ or Grip Strut® surfaces. These slip-resistant ladder rungs are ideal for new ladders or to retrofit existing ladders.

Safety Grating Production Process

Safety Grating Production Process

Safety Grating Product Application

Safety Grating - WalkwaySafety Grating Marina Pier Walkway
Safety Grating - Platform PedalSafety Grating - Platform Pedal
Safety Grating - Stair TreadSafety Grating - Stair Tread
Safety Grating - Walkway ChannelSafety Grating - Walkway Channel

Safety Grating Types and Drawings

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