Stainless Steel Pipe

304/316 Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Steel standard: ASTM A213, ASTM A269, ASTM A312, ASTM A514, ASTM A789, DIN:17456, JIS:G3459, JIS G3463.
  • Delivery state: Annealed and pickled, bright annealed, mill finish and electro-polished steps.
  • Surface Finishing: 2B, BA, 8K mirror finished or customized.
  • Test: Squash test, extended test, water pressure test, crystal rot test.
Steel Standard Stainless Steel Grade
ASTM A213 t2 t5 t9 t11 t12 t22
ASTM A269 TP304 TP 304L TP 316 TP 316L TP 321
ASTM A312 TP 304 TP 304L TP 316 TP 316L TP 321
ASTM A789 S31803 S32205 S31500 S32550 S31200,
DIN:17456;17458 TP 304, TP 304L, TP 316, TP 316L, TP 347

Product Description:

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of high alloy steel product which can be applied in all kinds of fields, according to their overall corrosion resistance and machinability, it is widely used in industries like power generation, renewable energy, pulp and paper, process piping, food and beverage, oil and gas, mining, marine.

Stainless Steel Pipe Grades Available in ANSON Steel

  • Austenitic Stainless Steel 300 series: 301,301L,301LN, 302, 302HQ, 303, 303se, TP304,TP304L,TP304H, TP316, TP316L, TP316H, 321, 321H, 347
  • Martensitic Stainless Steels 400 series: 400, 408, 409, 410, 416, 420, 430, 440
  • Others: 500, 600

Value Added Services: Steel Pipe Cutting, Beveling, Bending, UT, Polishing, Heat Treatment and Anealing.

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Agico provides the most popular austenitic grades (TP304 and TP 316)of seamless stainless steel pipes which have high corrosion resistance. High quality stainless steel products of Agico are supplied in both domestic and other market, South American, European, Africa countries and regions.

Welded and Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe Types AGICO Supplies

AGICO supplies customer with seamless stainless steel pipe and welded stainless steel pipes. Seamless steel pipe is manufactured by extrusion and welded steel pipe has 2 processes shaping and welding(Straight Seam and Spiral Seam). And these 2 types of steel pipe are used in different application fields. The major difference is the seam, which is considered a weak point in welded stainless steel pipe compared with seamless steel pipe, so welded stainless steel pipes are used mostly as low pressure fluid transport pipe and structural steel pipes, seamless stainless steel pipe is used for high pressure fluid transport only, for price of seamless pipe production cost is higher than welded pipe production.

Stainless Structual Building

Stainless Steel Pipes Are Used for Following Fileds:

In fluids transport, stainless steel pipe is a ideal tubing part of piping system for its high corrosion resistance. Chromium and nickel are 2 elements that makes steel not easy to corrode, some stainless steel pipes with high acid corrosion resistant level can be used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical applications for its outstanding performance in resisting oxidation, it is easy to clean and has longer service life.

In construction, stainless steel pipe can be used for 2 main purposes: decoration and structural part. For one: stainless steel product surface finish has many options: 1D, 2B, 2D, 2H, 2Q, 2R, etc, these surfaces can be customized for building decoration. And it last longer for oxidation process is slower than other common steel materials. Weathering steel is a steel type with different decoration effect, stainless steel might looks new and modern, weathering steel plate is covered with a layer of oxidized steel with red color.

Stainless Steel Pipe Dimensions

(WT)mm 0.6-0.8 0.9-1.2 1.3-1.6 1.7-2.2 2.3-2.9 3-4.5 4.6-5.5 5.6-7.5 7.6-9 9.1-12 12.1-16 16.1-24 24.1-32

316/316L stainless steel pipe
316/316L stainless steel pipe
304/304L stainless steel pipe
304/304L stainless steel pipe


  • ASTM A213:Seamless Ferritic And Austenitic Alloy-Steel Tubes For Boiler, Superheater And Heat-Exchanger.
  • ASTM A269: Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Superheater & Condenser.
  • ASTM A312: Used In Pipeline For Conveying Corrosive Fluid.
  • ASTM A514: Used For Intermediate-And Higher-Temperature Service-Boilers, Pressure Vessel.
  • ASTM A789: Petrochemical Industry, Chemical Fertilizer Industry, Oil Refining Industry, Oil And Gas Industry.
  • DIN:17456/17458: Used As Construction Tubing, Pipes For The Food, Pharmaceutical and Automobile Industries, Domestic Installation and Decorative Purposes.
  • JIS:G3459: Used for the Piping of Corrosion Resistance, Low And High Temperature Service.
  • JIS G3463: Machinery Industry, Chemical Industry, Thermal Equipment, Mining, Construction & Decoration.

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