Hot rolled pickling and oiling steel plate overview

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Hot Rolled Pickled and Oild Steel Coil

Pickling and oiling improves hot-rolled steel plate in durability and workablility at a low cost. It provides a cleaner surface hot rolled product suitable for painting with a limited barrier to rust formation. It is an all purpose steel product used for roll-formed shapes, pipe, tubing, industrial storage racks, automotive and other stampings, air compressor housings, filter housings, agricultural equipment, package strapping, and much more.

Why do pickling and oiling are performed?

Pickling tank for hot rolled steel plate

In places where cold rolled steel plate are used, pickled and oiled steel plate can provide the same strength and property at a lower cost. In generall it provides clean surface and good machinablity that can be used in roll-formed steel products, structural steels and equipment shells, etc.    

Pickling steel plate Product introduction

Continuous Pickling Process for Hot Rolled Steel Coil

Pickling plate is made of high-quality hot-rolled sheet as raw material, removes oxide layer by pickling unit, trimming, finishing, surface quality and use requirements (mainly cold-bending or stamping properties) between hot-rolled sheet. The intermediate product between the hot rolled sheet and the cold rolled sheet is an ideal replacement for some pickled steel sheet.

The advantages of pickling coil and plates compared to hot rolled sheets are:

  1. The surface quality is good, because the hot-rolled pickling plate removes the surface iron oxide scale, improves the surface quality of the steel, and is convenient for welding, oiling and painting.
  2. The dimensional accuracy is high, and after flattening, the plate shape can be changed to some extent, thereby reducing the deviation of the unevenness.
  3. Improve the surface finish and enhance the appearance.
  4. It can reduce the environmental pollution caused by users' scattered pickling. Compared with cold-rolled sheets, the advantage of pickling boards is that they can effectively reduce the procurement cost while ensuring the requirements for surface quality.

Hot Rolled Steel Plate or Cold Rolled Steel Plate

At present, many companies are placing increasing demands on the high performance and low cost of steel. With the continuous advancement of the rolling steel technology, the performance of the hot rolled sheet is approaching to the cold rolled sheet, so that "cooling by heat" can be realized technically. It can be said that the pickling plate is a product with a relatively high performance price ratio between the cold rolled plate and the hot rolled plate, and has a good market development prospect. However, from the current point of view, the use of pickling plates in various industries in China has just started. The production of professional pickling plates began in September 2001 when Baosteel pickling production line was put into production.

Pickling Tank Workshop
Pickling Tank for Steel Plate

The pickling plate market is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: replacing cold rolling, replacing hot rolling, replacing imports and replacing small pickling. Among them, the substitution of imports and small pickling is actually an existing market, and the market is limited and cannot be completely replaced. With the rapid development of the automobile, machinery, light industry and other industries, enterprises face tremendous pressure from the competition in this market, and the requirements for product cost and product quality are increasing. The pickling plate completely replaces part of the cold with its high cost performance. Boards and hot plates will gradually be recognized by users. If you are interested in pickled steel coil or cold rolled steel coils, contact agico now for more details.

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