Anson steel-cold rolled steel coil advantages and applications

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ANSON-AGICO high-quality hot rolled and cold rolled steel coil products: cold-rolled carbon steel, low-carbon steel and stamping steel which have excellent performance and material, high dimensional accuracy, excellent surface quality, excellent stamping, forming properties and welding performance. They are widely used in automobiles, home appliances. With enamel, daily hardware, office furniture, electronic components, security doors and other Application fields: 

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Material Introduction

  1. Carbon structural steel has strong versatility, good cold forming properties and high strength, and is widely used in manufacturing structures. Parts and Reinforcements 
  2. Interstitial Atomic Steel ( IF ) has high R values, N values, and elongation. It is mainly used for automotive parts required for ultra deep drawing processing and for other extremely complex deformation processing products. 
  3. Phosphorus high-strength steel has high strength and good cold forming properties, and has excellent impact resistance and fatigue resistance, mainly used for automotive covers and structural parts; 
  4. Bake hardened steel is processed and formed at a certain temperature After baking, it has age hardening to further increase the yield strength, mainly used for automotive exterior cover parts; 
  5. The two-phase high-strength steel has more precise components, more stable mechanical properties, better forming properties, and is not easily deformed by cutting and forming. With no yield extension, no room temperature aging, low yield ratio, high work hardening index, bake hardening value and good welding performance, it is the first choice for automotive structural parts, reinforcements, anti-collision parts and other parts; 
  6. HSLA steel having excellent cold formability and high strength characteristics, primarily for automotive structural member and the reinforcing member;
  7. The battery steel has the characteristics of stable composition, stable performance, high surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. The matte battery steel is mainly used for punching rechargeable battery steel shells, and the smooth surface steel is mainly used for punching alkaline battery steel shells. .

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Types and Applications

Material category Standard Brand Description
Cold rolled carbon steel Q/BQB402 BZJ491 SPCC General use
SPCD Stamping
SPCE, SPCEN Deep drawing
Cold rolled low carbon steel Q/BQB403 BZJ492 DC01 General use
DC03 Stamping
DC04 Deep drawing
DC05 Deep draw
DC06 Ultra deep drawing
Cold rolled stamping steel Q/BQB408 BLC General use
BLD Stamping
BUSD Deep drawing
BUFD Deep draw
BSUFD Ultra deep drawing
Cold rolled carbon structural steel Q/BQB410 St37-2G Structure
St44-3G Structure
St52-3G Structural parts, reinforcements
Phosphorus high strength steel Q/BQB411 B170P1 Stamping
B210P1 General use
B250P1 Structure
B180P2 General use
B220P2 Structure
Bake hardening high strength steel Q/BQB416 B140H1 Deep drawing
B180H1 Stamping
B180H2 Stamping
Two-phase high-strength steel Q/BQB418 B240 /390DP Structure
B280/440 DP Structural parts, reinforcements
B340/590 DP Structural parts, reinforcements
B400/780DP Reinforcement piece, anti-collision piece
Low alloy high strength steel Q/BQB419 B340LA Structure
B410 LA Structural parts, reinforcements
Steel strip for packaging Q/BQB460 REG700  Ordinary strap
EXT800 High-strength strap
ULT1000 Ultra high strength strap
Enamel steel Q/BQB461 BTC1 Deep drawing
BTC3 General use
Cold rolling steel strip for coinage Q/BQB462 BZB Manufacture of nickel-plated coin steel core
Steel strip for color picture tube Q/BQB470 SPCCCK Steel tube for color picture tube shadow mask frame
Steel for auto parts BZJ463 B320LW Automobile wheel steel
B440QZ Steel for automobile drive shaft
B350JL Car clutch
St12G Car bracket
St14J Car pay bracket
BMCP84 Automobile clutch friction plate steel
Stl2Q Steel for chassis
High weathering steel BZJ464 B400NQ Used in the manufacture of vehicles, containers, doors and windows, cold-formed steel and other components
Flux cored wire steel BZJ465 St15-T Flux cored wire steel
Home appliance panel steel BZJ471 BLC-JD1 Spraying machine
BLC-JD2 Spraying freezer outer panel
BLC-JD3 Spraying refrigerator side panel
BLD-JD1 Film type A refrigerator panel
BLD-JD3 B type refrigerator panel for laminating
Carbon and low carbon rolled hard steel coil BZJ493 CDCM-SPCC Carbon and low carbon rolled hard steel coil
Welded steel BZJ494 BHG1 Single layer welded pipe
BHG2 Double welded pipe
Battery steel BZJ495 BDCK For the production of battery steel shells

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