Introduction to ordinary cold rolled sheet grade

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Cold Rolled Steel Coil Delivery

It is a product obtained by cold-pressing a hot-rolled sheet. Due to the multi-pass cold rolling, the surface quality is better than that of the hot-rolled sheet, and after the heat treatment, good mechanical properties can be obtained.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil Slitting

Classification of the Use of Ordinary Cold Rolled Sheets

According to the different needs of the production enterprises, the cold-rolled sheets are usually divided into: general cold-rolled sheets, stamping-grade cold-rolled sheets, deep-drawn, deep-deep and ultra-deep-stage cold-rolled sheets, which are generally delivered in coils and flat sheets. The thickness is expressed in millimeters, the width is generally 1000mm and 1250mm, and the length is generally 2000mm and 2500mm.

The Grade of Ordinary Cold Rolled Sheet

Commonly used grades are: Q195, Q215, Q235, 08AL, SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, SPCEN, ST12, ST13, ST14, ST15, ST16, DC01, DC03, DC04, DC05, DC06, etc.;

  • ST12: It is expressed as the most common steel number, which is basically the same as Q195, SPCC, DC01 grade materials;
  • ST13/14: It is expressed as the steel grade of the stamping grade, which is basically the same as the 08AL, SPCD, DC03/04 grade material;
  • ST15/16: Indicates the steel grade of the stamping grade, which is basically the same as the 08AL, SPCE, SPCEN, and DC05/06 grades.

Method for indicating the size of ordinary cold rolled sheet

Steel Coil Cold Rolling Process

The difference between ST12 and SPCC: the mechanical properties of the two products are almost the same, but the return method is different. The tensile properties of ST12 material are relatively stronger than SPCC.

Japanese JIS standard material meaning SPCC---S is expressed as steel, P is represented as a plate, C is cold, C is commercial, and is a Japanese JIS standard.

For example, Anshan Steel produces ST12, 1*1250*2500/C, which is expressed as: ST12 ordinary cold plate, thickness 1mm, width 1250mm, length 2500mm or C coil. The appearance is tinplate fine packaging, the mechanical properties are the most common, the most basic steel number, can only be used for bending forming, can not be used for stamping. Used for mechanical biting, such as the outer casing of a refrigerator, a vehicle fuel tank, and the like.

ST13 and above products are used in industries that need deep drawing, such as automobile manufacturing, diesel fuel tanks, etc., which one to use, depending on the requirements for deep drawing.

To ensure tensile strength, add T at the end of the grade: SPCCT. SPCD---indicates cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and steel strip for stamping, which is equivalent to China 08AL (13237) high-quality carbon structural steel. SPCE--- indicates cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and steel strip for deep drawing, equivalent to China 08AL (5213) deep-drawn steel. To ensure non-timeliness, add N to SPCEN at the end of the grade. Cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and steel strip quenching and tempering code: Annealing state is A, standard quenching and tempering is S, 1/8 hardness is 8, 1/4 hardness is 4, 1/2 hardness is 2, and full hardness is 1. Surface processing code: matt finish rolling is D, bright finishing is B. For example, SPCC-SD represents a general cold-rolled carbon sheet for standard quenching and temper finish rolling.

Another example is SPCCT-SB, which means standard tempering and bright processing, and cold rolled carbon sheets that require mechanical properties.When steel plate is SPCC-1D which represents a hard matte finish rolled cold rolled carbon steel sheet. The steel grade for mechanical structure is expressed by: S+ carbon content + letter code (C, CK), wherein the carbon content is represented by an intermediate value *100, the letter C represents carbon, and the letter K represents steel for carburizing. For example, the carbon steel coiled plate S20C has a carbon content of 0.18-0.23%.

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