Shipbuilding plate LR-A delivered to Canada

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Shipbuilding Plate Delivered to Canada

LR-A Ship Building Plate for Sale

The Canada Customer dealing at the larger scale are using LR-A shipbuilding plate for various applications because of its outstanding quality. The shipbuilding plates LR/A thicknesses are 6mm, 8mm,10mm, 12.5mm, total amount is 460 tons. The length of steel plates are customized, ANSON provides service of delivering the plates as well as fabrication service for the specific application. Shipbuilding plate of LR series also include other grades: LR/B, LR/D, LR/E for general strength, LR/AH, LR/DH, LR/EH, LR/FH for high strength and extra strength applications.

Chemical Composition of LR/A Shipbuilding Plate:

Grade Chemical Composition(%)
C Mn≥ Si P S
LR   A 0.21 2.5xC 0.5 0.035 0.035
Grade Mechanical Property
Tensile Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) % Elongation in 2 in.(50mm) min Impacting Test  Temperature(°C)
LR  A 400-520 235 22 20
LR-A Shipbuilding Plate Packing
LR-A Shipbuilding Plate Packing Detail
LR-A Shipbuilding Plate

LR-A steel plates Delivery

This batch of LR/A Shipbuilding plates are prepainted and marked as customer required, if you need to buy shipbuilding steel plate, contact ANSON now!

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