Astm a606 type 4 steel specification

ASTM A606 Type 4 Weathering Steel Coil

ASTM A606 Type 4 Weathering Steel Plate

The ASTM A606 specification is the Standard Steel Specification for High-Strength, Low-Alloy, Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Sheet and Strip Steel with Improved Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance for use in structural and other applications. It has 2 types: Type 2 and Type 4, ASTM A606 Type 4 has four times of atmospheric corrosion resistance compared with common structural carbon steel plate. It has good weldablity, formablity, and machinable with proper treatments.

ASTM A606-4 steel Plate&Sheets are produced unpainted for its outdoor application environment helps develop a layer of orange brown oxide which will prevent corrosion to the deeper layer. It also has the advantage of 30% lighter than carbon steel when providing the same high strength property.

ANSON STEEL supplies steel coils and heavy steel plate of ASTM A606 specification in product types: Hot and Cold-rolled Sheet and strip in cut lengths or Steel Coils, manufactured for application in structural and weathering resistance purposes.

ASTM A606 Type 4 Steel Plate Chemical Composition:

ASTM A606 Type 4 Chemical Composition Max%
Carbon 0.22 - 0.26
Manganese 1.25 - 1.3
Phosphorus 0.04 - 0.06

ASTM A606 Type 4 Steel Plate Mechanical Property:

ASTM A606 Type 4 Mechanical Property(Steel Plate) Min
Tensile Strength ksi 70
Yield 2% Offset ksi 50

ASTM A606 Type 4 Steel Coil Mechanical Property:

ASTM A606 Type 4 Mechanical Property(Steel Coil) Min
Tensile Strength ksi 65
Yield 2% Offset ksi 45

ASTM A606 Type 4 Equivalent steel standards:

AGICO ANSON supplies ASTM A606 type 4 and equivalent corten steel standards, steel plate  as well as steel coils in good quality, if you are interested in buying fine Weathering Steel Plate from reliable steel mills, please send an email now!

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