How to remove rust on galvanized steel sheet

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Galvanized Steel Sheet Rust Compare

Why is Gavanized Steel Sheet so Popular

Galvanizing of steel sheet is done by a process called “continuous hot-dip,” in which steel sheet is sank into a bath of molten zinc. The liquid zinc helps steel sheet to form a protective layer on steel sheet. The steel sheet can then be fabricated into other shapes with no flake or peeling off. The finished part resists corrosion without any additional or secondary painting or coating, making galvanized spinnings the most economical process for protecting steel from corrosion.

What is Galvanized Steel Sheet Application

Galvanized Steel Sheet Pattern

Zinc coated steel sheet and plate product, which is also named galvanized steel sheet, have been used in many fields in our life. A large number of galvanized thin sheets are used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, refrigerators, construction, ventilation and heating facilities, and furniture manufacturing. Zinc plating has become an important method of steel corrosion protection, not only because zinc can form a dense protective layer on the steel surface, but also because zinc has a cathodic protection effect. When the galvanized layer is damaged, it can still prevent iron layer by cathodic protection.

Rust Removing Method:

Use wire brush dipped with vinegar to scrub rusted area completely, apply vinegar to the rust. Pour some vinegar on a wire brush, then scrub the rusted area thoroughly. Then use garden hose to clean vinegar, if there is stubborn rust stains, repeat the process. Then mix water and rust dissolver by the percentage of 95% and 5%. Cover the rusted area with the mixture for 10 minute before cleaning. Check for the cleaning effect, if there is rust left, use rust dissolver liquid to cover the rust area again. When all rust is removed, clean the area with garden hose and dry out. Paint the dried area with zinc content and left it to dry.

It can be told that the repair work is very complicated, removing rust is always second choice, buy high quality galvanized steel coil and sheet product from reliable steel supplier, you will not have this trouble.

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